The Proud Brook Farm

This beautiful home sits atop pristine pastures surrounded by unique black board fencing. It has both indoor and outdoor riding arenas. She practices the art of dressage,  a French term meaning the highest expression of horse training. Her horse’s name is Vivacious, (a.k.a. Allie). In his free time, he meticulously maintains these 23 acres and meticulously restores British sports cars.



The Family Room

Color Palette

Worn Leather, Tired Wood, Bit and Bridle Silver, Needlepoint, Forged Iron, and Tooled Velvet

This cozy room is a quiet refuge after a long day of riding and tending to the farm. The axminster needlepoint wall to wall carpet with leaf design, complements the large overstuffed sofa with a  bullion fringed skirt. A variety of tooled velvet pillows, provides “sink into it comfort”. Neutral taffeta draperies hang from hand-forged iron hardware in front of wide  wood slat blinds, providing a “frame” for the sofa. A wing chair with an oversized botanical print, is adorned with a pair of  “pug” pillows (her favorite kind of pup...she has two) and a cane arm chair with plaid upholstery provide additional soft seating.


The Foyer

Their  Problem

Updating the two-story foyer with sponge-painted walls, a shiny, brass colonial chandelier, and a worn herringbone parquet floor.

The Solution

Warming the entire space.

We selected a beautiful shade of taupe paint and installed inviting tile in shades of grass. He hung a beautiful iron chandelier that we purchased for $175 from a consignment shop (always on the lookout for your bargain). We then added burlap shades with a final touch… we glued river pebble trim to all of them. The trim was more than the chandelier, but we all agreed they were the piece de resistance. Then she said, “Susan, what are we going to put on the wall leading to the second floor?”  

I said, “We need a soft scape like a tapestry… a statement piece and quite large... and I’ll know it when I see it. ”  

She said, “I know just the thing,  I saw it... a horse blanket.”

I’m thinking, “Uh... No.”

Well, the story continues… When purchasing the runner we selected for the upper foyer, she spied a saddle blanket from Iran. Kristen Rockwell from O’Bannon’s said they are very rare and were used as a sign of wealth to decorate camels, donkeys, and horses. SOLD!  He carefully rigged up a ladder with a unique stabilizing “gizmo” (to prevent neck breakage), and hung it with pride. All art does not have to be framed and it should tell part of YOUR story.


The Kitchen

This beautiful kitchen sits just below the outdoor riding arena. The painted taupe cabinets are raised panel with a deep chestnut glaze finish. The violetta granite  complements the ruby  painted buffet with plate rack and glass doors. A dining table was removed to provide soft seating  for a cozy spot to read the morning paper. A farm sink with copper faucet and a backsplash in relief, add to the overall look.


We had worked with Susan in the past and loved the way our house looked. When it came time to update our home again, there was never any doubt as to who we should call. Susan not only decorated our house beautifully, but it reflects our lifestyle and the things we love !
— Kathleen & Kurt