"What can I put on my dining room table?" You could put a centerpiece or vase, but why not create something creative, and  interesting. A vignette of sorts. Recently I did just that at Proud Brook Farm and created a whimsical Spring arrangement. First I started with three round exquisite beaded place mats and topped them  with a white porcelain tiered cake plate with a bunny base. Then atop we added a small silk arrangement, an ivory and  black painted rabbit, a small adorable feathered peep, and  glass marbles.  Next I added two large metal  gold leaf palm leaves and  filled them with  more glass marbles.  I added one more bunny , a pair of tall, classic, painted  glass candlesticks with pillar candles and voila!  The beauty of this? By changing out some of  the individual items, like cake plate, bunnies, flowers, and marbles,  and keeping the key building blocks ( the place mats, leaves, and candlesticks),  I can make this work for any season. Say,  for instance, pumpkins and witches for Halloween, pilgrims, fruit, and acorns for Thanksgiving, and glass ornaments, present,  and elves for Christmas.