Go Big or Go Home

Recently I completed a condominium  for a couple who relocated from a large townhouse in Bradford Woods to a smaller, beautiful condominium in Fox Chapel. Their dilemma presented itself as they stated, "It just doesn't feel right". We got to work...sorting, rearranging, purchasing, relocating, rejecting, and ordering. I had my own "to do" and "to shop for" lists and I in turn gave them the same type of lists. We would meet almost weekly and kept building upon the previous weeks. One of the standout lessons in this particular design project was to make an impact with large, over the top accessories. I located a 60" x 40" oil painting for the area above their over sized sideboard. We proceeded to accessorize it with a large wrought iron wine opener accompanied by a wooden cheese board with a bell glass top. Both were procured by my newly savvy clients. You could see them really working  and thinking through their purchases. We finished the table top with a very, very, large, beautiful crystal decanter.This project unfolded piece by piece in a mostly lovely manner and  culminated with a family dinner party last Saturday evening. "It was a success" she beamed "and they loved everything" Their house is NOW their home.